Horses training

We train Thoroughbreds and Arabians.
Our training philosophy is based on the following principles:
– each horse is a professional athlete
– horse’s physical and mental heath is the top priority
-racing career planning is primarily based on balanced training

individual approach and nutrient rich diet

Training costs
Monthly payment of 500 EUR includes:
– professional training
– oats
– hay
– straw
– stable box
– daily bedding cleanup
– stable care

– exercise on the paddock

What’s not included:
– farrier services
– vitamins and supplements
– veterinary care

– transportation

Horses under our care and placed in the well ventilated and open
stable, which plays very positive role in satisfying their herding
instinct and directly translates into calmness and lack of

hypersensitivity during the training sessions.

We use modern diagnostic methods to keep horses in top shape and
health.  Those include thermography, stem cell therapy, as well as

therapeutic massage.

You can read about typical day in the racing stable in the following article.


We provide coaching on the following topics:
– racing tactics
This is a broad program that complements theory with
practical examples.  As part of this program we also provide
opportunity to arrange exercises and practice previously described
– nutrition and race horse physiology
This program pertains to the diet and its significance on the training
before and during the racing season.  The program is based on the
knowledge disseminated through the professional literature as well as
applied experience.  We’ve enriched it by discussion on broadly
available supplements, their impact on the training, effectiveness and
influence on the achievements.
– racing law in Poland
We adjust the scope based on the targeted audience, ensuring that each
stakeholder group, e.g., owners, jockeys or trainers, receives adequate
– history of the Wroclaw’s Partynice Racecourse
– ethics in training and racing
– gallop and trot exams for jockeys and trainers
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